Thursday, September 6, 2012

Grav tanks

I had fallen in love with this tank the first time that I had seen the box cover artwork that was produced by Martian Metals "back in the day".  All of the larger models were sold in this box and identified with a typed label.

This grav tank had been the only vision I had had in my head until the The Spinward Marches Campaign supplement was made available and it including a bit more traditional rounded 'Trepida' design for Imperial Armor and power armor within the illustrations.

I have been in luck with finding these grav tanks being sold by RAFM miniatures.  They also produce some of the old Citidel figures as well, which are fantastic even for their age.
'Trepida' Pattern Imperial Grav Tank

Here are two platoons of the RAFM grav tanks.  I had patterned their camouflage and their markings as if they were a German unit fighting along the Solomani rim and had been in the field for a long period of time.  Each of the tanks have a shield pattern applied to the side of the turret to easily identify the 'name' of the vehicle.  Unfortunately some of the hull numbers had come off of the forward hull, so I had given to the idea that the tanks had suffered some damage or re-painting when entering the theater and had not yet had their hull numbers applied.

These models are now available through RAFM miniatures.
Eisernes Kreuz
Platoons four and five
Command Group
Morning Star
Centaur - Base example
Raging Bull
Raging Bull - Left


  1. Mother-beautiful tanks.

    Have you seen the Trepida-style done by Top Gun Ace?

  2. Or the new tank from Khurasan Miniatures?

    I do like what you've done with your tanks, though, and I have some GZG and Combat Wombat tanks that would go nicely with them.