Tuesday, September 11, 2012

100 Ton Scout-Courier

This is another ship design that I really like as it provides several corrections to the original Type-S scout courier design.  The Type-S had issues with the deck plans because there was not enough volume near the 'point' of the triangle to house the bridge and the other components.

You can see another fantastic rendition of this star ship in the blog banner above as well as the conceptualized art work for the T5 rulebook.  This is a wonderful ship design that only suffers from one flaw on the deck plans - that is both an overhead/dorsal exterior hatch.  I would assume that ships of this size and shape would need a way to dock/connect with an umbilicus to other ships easily and this plan is missing that very thing.

Never the less, this is a wonderful ship layout and it can provide a bit more interesting layout for those 'interesting' boarding actions in Snapshot.

Image by Brian Gibson - 2002.

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