Sunday, March 17, 2013


This is one of the two 'Vader' figures I have from the Martian metals line.  I have several other versions of Vader that will be posted on this blog and better photos when I have proper lighting for shooting this model properly.



Blast walls

After about four hours of work on the proxie models 28mm scale street barricades, I have managed to complete 18 of these beauties for use in both 30mm and 15mm scale games.

I had cut 2mm styrene sheets into 0.5" x 2.5" strips. These styrene strips form the bases for the blast curtains (I consider them the blast curtains that you might find at the periphery of a star port launch/landing field). These devices would be common in order to avoid small particles from damaging equipment or other vehicles from thrust born vehicles.

In hindsight I would have liked to have cut the corners of the strips at 45 degree angles so that it would be easier to match the pieces up at 90 degree angles.

Each of the barricades were then welded to the styrene strips using tenax-7 plastic welder which works fantastically well on styrene and PVC type plastics. Once the barricades were welded, I then proceeded to add super glue to the strips and spread it around using a kabob skewer point and then allowed the sand mix, that I use for basing, to flow over the glued surfaces.

A liberal coat of testers flat euro-1 Grey was then sprayed into the barricades en-mass. A light dry brushing of Vallejo game color ghost grey was applied with a large soft house painting brush. Next came a black ink wash to collect in the crevices and nooks of the model followed by another ghost grey dry brushing.

The sand mix base then had a wash of Vallejo skin wash ink then a Vallejo model color dry brushing of Iraqi sand.

My daughters had wanted to try their hands at doing some 'tagging' as space jacker had done with his excellent versions of these models.

Barricades after initial dry brushing with Ghost Grey.  The tags were simple to perform on these models since they already had a lighter background color, the letter outlines were simply painted on in black then the interior spaces were then painted in with standard color combinations.  A final white highlight was added to a few in order to give them a bit of a gleam.  Seeing as that these were the first attempt to paint such things, my kids had done a fantastic job!

Tagged blast walls.  Models by GZG, Khurisan,  The Weyland-Yutani logo for good effect.

Drybrushed wall example

Traveller imperial sun burst

My daughter wanted to make one with a portion of our dog's name.

Two nobles behind the cover of the baffling blast walls.  'Dumb' had a deliberate misspelling.

Magistrate and his droid companion

Shuttle blast wall examples.