Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The much anticipated sequal to the department - The Ghosts of Hefei kickstarter has finally launched.  This is a great miniatures gaming system based on the Goalsystem skirmish miniature gaming engine.  I highly recommend these rules as they have proven to be very flexible and suit many genres.  With a small amount of tweaking, this system can also be used for Traveller combat games.  I am hoping that I can soon share some of the mechanics and suggested Goalsystem Traveller mechanics that I had been working on as of late.

The Goalsystem is the engine behind The Ghosts of Hefei and many other successful games such as: Blasters and Bulkheads (Sci-Fi - $9.95), Super System 3rd Edition (Supers), Goalsystem Delves (Fantasy - $15.00), Chaos in Carpathia (Historical./Fantasy - $10.95), The Department (Sci-Fi - $11.95), Chaos in Ciaro (Pulp Adventures - $10.95), Chaos on Chronos (Sci-Fi - $9.95) and Labor of the Gods (Historical/Fantasy - $6.95).

The Goalsystem Fantasy ($2.95) rulebook is designed to allow players to play fantasy skirmish games and to design their own characters and monsters.  Essentially this rulebook gives you all of the core rules for the Goalsystem as well as a good set of abilities, powers, skills and spells that can be a great source of miniature gaming goodness at a very reasonable price.

I highly recommend that everyone have a look at The Ghosts of Hefei kickstarter and consider adding your support behind this project - it is going to be a fantastic system with many proven and talented people working to make this game a success!

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  1. Hi Scott,

    Apologies for posting here -- I have tried to find an email address for you and I am hopeful that you are the person who created/maintained voidgamers.

    By way of introduction I am a Hirst Arts Licensee and have been for five
    or six years. I operate out of Melbourne, Australia.

    The reason I am trying to contact you is to ask about the status of the
    Voidgamers website and to offer to help with bringing it back online if
    such help is needed or wanted. Over on the Hirst Arts forum threads
    older then six months are full of dead links as people usually held
    their images on voidgamers and linked them into their HA forum posts. I
    am really looking for a way to clean up the HA forum.

    Anyway, if you are:

    - looking to bring voidgamers back, or
    - looking to offload voidgamers to
    someone else to host, or
    - able to supply the images from voidgamers that would allow me to create a repository of HA build images that can then be relinked to the HA forum posts,

    then I would be happy to help.


    ian.plumb @